Friday, January 7, 2011

There Will Never Be Another Tonight...

On Dec. 16, the winter of 2010 felt just like the Summer of ‘69.  No, I wasn’t running around in diapers and sprouting teeth.  That Thursday night, one of my favourite Canadian rock artists came to Doha and performed on stage live at the beach at the InterContinental Hotel.

I’m at risk of dating myself here, but some of Bryan Adams’ albums from the ‘80s were the soundtrack of my high school summers.  I kept up with him through the ‘90s, and while I haven’t purchased any of his new material in a long time, I still consider myself a fan.  So when our Canadian friends suggested we all go, we thought it would be fun.

The venue was amazing – the stage was right on the hotel beach, with a view of the Doha skyline off to the left.  We positioned ourselves about five rows back from the stage, and I stood in my bare feet in the sand during the concert.  Adams has been putting on acoustic performances on this tour, but here he mixed acoustic with his standard style.  For 51, he looks and sounds remarkably youthful, and when he played “18 ‘Til I Die”, we kind of thought he may have been prophetic!

Of course, I have no video record of this event as that would be highly illegal (wink, wink).  But I'd be happy to share what I accidentally recorded on my camera when I see you all in person.

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