Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holiday Week in Doha

It's back to the grind today, as Dan returns to work and the kids to school after a week-long break for Eid.  Thankfully, this is only a two-day week, so we'll all be able to ease into it.

Most of our break was spent shopping, swimming, playing cards, and having copious amounts of screen time (all five of us!), but we did take the opportunity to do a little bit of exploring.  On Saturday, we drove to the beach at Ras Laffan, about a hour's drive out of the city.  There is a private beach club there, operated by Dan's company.  Our intention was to make this trip a scouting mission, as we left the city quite late (9:30ish), so that by the time we arrived it was really too hot to hang out at the beach.  We did have lunch at the little restaurant, though, which was pretty mediocre but unbelievably cheap, and convenient as we didn't have to haul coolers, etc. out with us.

We will definitely go again, and next time we'll swim, instead of just getting our feet wet.  It's interesting to note that on this side of the Gulf, it's referred to as the Arabian Gulf - the Iranian side is called the Persian Gulf!

Be sure to check out a new set of pictures, to the right...

Dan took the kids ice-skating at Villagio Mall on Monday, which is where they'll play hockey.  Not a big surprise, but our kids were quite speedy compared to most of the people out there!

We've been swimming quite happily in the compound pool, remarking on how great it is to swim in bathtub-temperature water.  Last week, the chillers were turned on after being offline all summer, which is really a shame as the air temperature and humidity have started to drop slightly.  When I got out of the pool, the sun had started to set, and there was a bit of a breeze.  Naturally, I declared that it was "freezing out here".  Temperature on our thermometer when we returned home:  34C!

And speaking of temperatures, it is a glorious 36C with low humidity today - remarkably pleasant compared to the last few weeks!

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