Saturday, August 28, 2010

There's a Gecko Living in my Hockey Equipment

Well Dan's, anyway.  Despite having such a big house, we're faced with the same space issues regarding where to put the stinky hockey equipment.  So outside it stays until either a) it's dry; or b) someone surreptitiously stashes it in the maid's quarters.  (Lucky for her, we don't have a maid.)  Last week when Dan was getting ready for hockey, the tiniest gecko imaginable scurried out of his hockey bag and ran through the kitchen.  We haven't found him yet, but I'm sure the kids will be thrilled with their new pet.

I got my RP this week, so I'm in the clear to get my Qatari driver's licence.  Trying to find out their hours of operation (or "timing", as they say here), especially during Ramadan, is like pulling teeth, so we drove to the Traffic Office late Thursday, only to find it closed.  We're persistent, though, and will try again tomorrow morning.

It's been a busy week with school.  On Monday evening, Dan and I attended Activities Night, where organizations from all around Doha (and the school itself) set up booths to show what extracurricular activities there are for kids.  We made a bee-line straight for the Qatar Minor Hockey table (for Nick and Jacob), and then I ingratiated myself with the piano teacher.  I thought I was in danger of scaring her off by telling her that she had a potential four students in our family, but luckily she saw this as a good thing and agreed to meet with us today.  I'm happy to say that she has agreed to take us on, but not until our piano arrives in October.

The novelty of the weather is wearing off, I think.  This week it was three whole days before I looked at our indoor/outdoor thermometer.  "Huh, only 37 - that's not so bad."  And then I went outside and realized that I should have paid more attention to the 72% humidity reading.  It usually takes 'til I get all the way to the clubhouse before I can see where I'm going, as my sunglasses are actually fogged up!

More tomorrow, when hopefully I will be legal to drive...


  1. Gina, we stock up on hockey equipment when we're in Canada, since there is almost none to be found here. I've heard that there is one store that sells skates. There's always someone who will sell their kids' outgrown stuff here. Haven't had to use it YET, but if a person is really stuck they can go to and have it shipped in.